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Monday Morsels: Bloodlines & Lies

...a taste of romance

by Lynda Rees


      Riley’s spike-heeled Jimmy Choo pump hit the sidewalk with her phone to her ear finishing up, as usual, one last call before the evening. She was anxious to buy and delivering dinner for her parents’ wedding anniversary on her way home—something special so they could celebrate a fabulous love they shared.
      Something didn’t appear right as she emerged onto the Cincinnati street. Rose petals littered the sidewalk. Her glimpse upward led to a gold-gelded, white horse-drawn carriage. Then the most handsome man Riley ever laid eyes on emerged. The familiar long drink of cowboy’s booted feet stepped onto the walk and strode toward her with cocky confidence only Levi Madison could get away with. The last rays of evening sun caught his unruly mane of blonde hair casting a golden wheat image flowing in the breeze. The sight of the man she adored more than any other filled her with joy. 

     What the heck was he doing in Cincinnati? He should be hard at work on his horse ranch in Sweetwater, Kentucky. This was an unexpected treat.
      Levi’s smirking smile and smoky gaze churned her belly to gelatin making her knees go weak. Those long legs bent onto one knee, and he slipped a black velvet box from the pocket of his western-cut shirt. He flipped it open, extending the jewel container toward Riley.
      She hadn’t realized her breath was held and her heart had ceased beating until a gush expelled from her lungs. The sparkle of a square-cut, gigantic solitary caught the glow from the fading sun and jolted a shot of electricity shocking her back to the present.
     “Riley Powers, I can’t live without you. Take mercy on this old soul. Marry me.” Levi’s swanky, southern drawl filtered words into a sexy melody rolling across his delectable tongue.
      Reality interrupted her muse of how Levi used it to make her tingle inside and out. She glanced around, aware of surroundings for the first time. Levi had a tendency to make her forget everything and everyone but him when they were together.
      Her parents, Leona and Earl Powers, stared in anticipation. Leona wrung her hands grinning. Earl looked a combination of excited and proud. To the other side Corrie Parrish, Levi’s s0ister stood beside Riley’s best friend since college, Lemon Sage Gordon. The pair of females looked like they’d swallowed a canary begging to sing. Her close friend and assistant,
      Dory Engle’s red Chanel suit set off her glowing dark almond skin and mass of bushy, brunette curls cascading her shoulders. If Dory wasn’t a gorgeous black woman she and Corrie could’ve passed for sisters. Corrie completely contrasted Dori with similar, only blonde hair and ivory complexion. Standing together they made a spectacular pair.
      A chuckle came from behind. Riley spun finding her remaining staff.
      “You guys? Dory, how did you keep this secret and follow me so fast?”
      “Hell, Riley, we thought you’d never head home. I texted Levi the second you picked your coat up. Soon as you closed your office door we high-tailed it onto the next elevator, following you.”
      Riley grinned and hugged her pal. “Confidentiality is your specialty. You sure as hell can keep a secret. No wonder you’re indispensable.”
      She hugged Sage and Corrie. “You gals drove all the way here for this? It’s so sweet. I can’t believe you kept this secret from me.” Riley play-punched Sage’s shoulder.
      “I couldn’t miss my little bro’s big moment. Levi’s been a basket case anxious for this moment. Sage and I drove into town this morning, did some shopping, drank our lunch in margaritas, and are heading to the spa after this. We’re treating ourselves while we were here.”
      Corrie tossed her long tresses across a shoulder. As CEO of Adele Industries, her family’s corporation, Corrie generally wore pricy designer attire. Today she was decked out in jeans, sandals and a tank top covering her slim, voluptuous figure.
      Sage hugged Riley, and her long, brunette ponytail bounced as she swayed. Her college roommate and best gal pal’s slim frame and long runner’s legs dwarfed Riley, who stood half a foot shorter than her friends. “We wouldn’t miss this for the world. You’re right. You read me like a book. Good thing you’ve been tied up here at your corporate office for the last week. I’ve been dying to call and chat, but was afraid to talk with you. You’d surely have realized something was up in my voice, and I’d have given in to any pressure. I can’t keep a secret from you. Avoidance was the best I could do.”
      “Sage, you’re the most trustworthy woman I know.” Riley gave her a peck on the cheek.
      “Not with you, sister.” Sage smiled sweetly, and her big, brown eyes sparkled.
      “Hey, I disagree.” Levi ambled his elongated frame towering closer to Riley. “I am not a fan of you being tied here in the city. I’ve missed you at the farm.”
      “I’ve missed you too, Levi.” Her hand cupped his square jaw. Tiny bristles tickled her palm sending a twitch of electricity racing straight to her core. Apparently she was into the All-American, blonde-haired, blue-eyed type, because Levi was one sexy hunk of manhood.
      “Who would’ve envisioned it? Not me. A year ago romance was the last thing I considered needing in my hectic life.”

Ad executive Riley Power’s fiancé, Levi Madison, and his Native American horse trainer, Calvin Coldwater, prepare for triple-crown racing. A stunning redheaded flame returns to Sweetwater targeting Riley’s man while Riley’s preoccupied with her dad’s health instead of focusing on wedding plans. Police search for a drug ring when her home is broken into and a neighbor murdered. Riley and pals Lemon Sage Benton and FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse follow another line of investigation. Danger follows them home.


To read the rest you have a couple options. I’m looking for a handful of Advanced Readers to read and review my book. Contact me via email below if you’re interested in a copy for review. I’d appreciate your opinion. You can purchase Bloodlines & Lies from my Amazon link below in print and eBook. I hope you enjoy my work and we become life-long friends.

Lynda Rees, an award-winning romance suspense, historical and children’s book author of Freckle Face and Blondie is a children’s suspense middle-grade co-written with her eleven-year-old author granddaughter, Harley Nelson. Lynda’s suspense novels about descendants of mobsters are—Real Money, God Father’s Day and Madam Mom. Her award winning historical novel Gold Lust Conspiracy depicts Jessie’s struggle during savage 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, is Book One of The Bloodline Series and a Golden Heart and RITA finalist. The Bloodline Series, consisting of the following books, is set in Kentucky race horse country. They are:
Blood and Studs - Hot Blooded - Blood of Champions
Bloodlines & Lies - The Bloodline Trail - Horseshoes & Roses
Real Money - The Bourbon Trail launching fall 2019

The Thinking Tree launching fall 2019

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HiDee said...

Thanks for sharing with us today, Lynda. The triple-crown racing world is very interesting right now!

Cat Dubie said...

Nice excerpt, Lynda. I'd love to read your book, but I'm on deadline right now and can't find extra time for a few weeks. Wishing you all the best, Cat most