Tuesday, May 14, 2019 | By: HiDee

Renewing Writing Opportunities

Identity is a hot topic these days.

I identify as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a reader, a writer…and an administrative assistant. But as of today, I have 47 calendar days (33 business days) until I retire from my day job. After almost 32 years of working for eight faculty, two academic professionals, and up to 40 graduate students in my department at my university, I’m looking forward to being my own assistant!

My husband and friends have warned me the transition from working to retirement could be difficult. It’s probably a good thing I’m making the change during the summer. At first, it will seem like I’m on vacation. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, to taking long walks and enjoying sunshine and warm weather. We hope to do a little traveling, with lots of hiking thrown in to refuel my creative wells.

Go to Milada Vigerova's profile Milada Vigerova @mili_vigerova Before too long, though, I plan to start a new routine. Retirement presents the opportunity to focus on writing! I want to reorganize and decorate my office as a place where I feel creative and inspired. I want to reread and work through materials from online workshops such as Pinterest and Canva that I signed up for but had limited participation in; they will enhance my writer’s toolbox. I want to set up a website, and be more active on social media. I want to engage with readers and other writers.

Most importantly, I’ve started a new book and I want to WRITE! Ideas are churning in my head. I'm excited about this story and I can't wait to have more time to work on it!

But, as family and friends have suggested, it may take some time to transition to full-time author. I'll have to work at finding a new balance between all the things I enjoy now and establishing serious writing time.

My position has enabled me to hone communication and organizational skills; to proof, edit and budget; and to multi-task and prioritize a heavy workload in order to meet deadlines. So although I will lose my administrative assistant identity upon retirement, the experiences and skills I’ve gained through my work will serve me well as I create my new and improved writer identity!

What suggestions do you have for making a smooth transition from working to retirement?

HiDee Ekstrom never goes anywhere without a book or a pen and paper. Reading, writing, and chocolate are important elements of her daily life that inspire her to write. She also finds inspiration in and enjoys photography, scrapbooking, camping, hiking, and spending time with her family. Writing as Lainee Cole, two of her short-stories have been self-published in anthologies: Captured by Christmas and At Midnight. Follow Lainee at Facebook Author Page, Facebook Author Profile Page, and on Twitter.


Lynn said...

Love this post, HiDee! It's great that your eyes are wide open for this transition coming up. Happy Writing!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! I hope to see lots of posts on you writing experiences ! Best wishes-Minette Lauren

HiDee said...

Thank you, Lynn and Minette! I am so excited to have the opportunity to do more writing. :)

HL Carpenter said...

Sounds as though you are prepared for this new and exciting challenge, HiDee! Best of success to you. Write on!

Yvonne Rediger said...

Stay positive and be physically active. Also, spend some part of the week away from your partner or spouse.