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Tuesday Special: Waiting for You with Rose Grey


by Rose Grey
      When Max Durrell books a room at The Grand, Aidy Jones, hotel manager, signs up for a dating service. Aidy knows what she needs and Max Durrell isn’t it. Her ideal man is attractive enough to have children with but not attractive enough to fall in love with. Ideally, he’ll also have some roofing skills.
     Max Durell has returned to Demerest Cove to accomplish a lifelong dream. The Grand isn’t on the market yet, but convincing the eccentric owners to sell should be a piece of cake. His brothers will take care of the transaction. Max’s job is to flirt with the owners’ daughter so she doesn’t interfere.
     Flirting is easy. It’s the friendship that’s the problem. He can’t help enjoying Aidy Jones and while he’ll never fall in love again (Been there. Bought the tux. Bride never showed up.) he is falling in like with her. Deeply in like.

     But any day now, the sale will go through. And once Aidy learns Max is the one tearing her beloved hotel away from her, she’ll never want to set eyes on him again. 

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A classically trained singer, Rose sang professionally before audiences of thousands, conducted choirs for fun and profit, won a composition contest and taught elementary school children to play “Watermelon” before settling down to write romance novels. Since then, she has never looked back except, of course, to write this bio.

Rose believes everything in life can be used in stories, that everyday activities are the jumping off point for the extraordinary. Because a girl can be outside hanging wet laundry on the line when the love of her life stumbles into the yard with a swarm of bees in hot pursuit. Because a man might walk into a library hoping to find a book about window replacement and walk away with the sinking feeling he has met the love of his life. Because there is nothing like watching a man in the kitchen making dinner for you, his calloused hand tenderly cupping a bowl, a dish towel draped carelessly over his shoulder.

Rose’s idea of an emergency is realizing a long weekend is coming and the library is closing in an hour. She loves finding cool seashells, knitting sweaters which start out right but inevitably turn out too large, and petting stray dogs. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and suffers from the sin of boundless pride when it comes to her four grown children.

To learn more about Rose’s romance novels, visit her website and follow her blog.

Waiting For You
Hot Pursuit
Not As Advertised

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Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live. 
– Mae Jemison
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Office Space with Lainee Cole

The Write Way Café welcomes author Lainee Cole, who shares some of the inspirational items she surrounds herself with while writing.

I inherited a love of all things “office” from my dad. I collect file folders, notepads, index cards, pens, and post-it notes – all in a variety of colors. Just like books, there is no such thing as too many. So now that my kids are grown and out on their own, I’m gradually taking over one bedroom and making it into an office. MY office.

So far, my desk, a couple of file cabinets, and several bookshelves line the walls. They’re great for functionality but they don’t do much for my muse, so I started collecting items that inspire me.  I’d like to share them with you.

A book letter cut from a hardcover book.

A Bookshop candle.

A book-page ornament.

A wooden box adorned with a nail/yarn heart.

An old hardcover book with the pages folded to read "Books".

A Scentsy typewriter wax warmer to help set the mood.

And last but not least, a large coffee mug filled with an assortment of pens, and offering words of advice:

These are a few of my favorite office things.

What items surround and inspire you in your office space?

Lainee Cole is a Midwestern girl who writes in the company of a husband always trying to talk to her. Her characters often take on a life of their own, surprising and annoying her. But writing fictional characters also gives her hope and inspires her to follow her dreams. Lainee’s goal is for her stories to make readers laugh and cry, give them hope, and encourage them to believe in the power of love. When she’s not writing or reading, Lainee enjoys spending time with family and friends; hiking, camping, and traveling with her husband; and consuming daily doses of chocolate. 

by Lainee Cole, Lynn Crandall, Rena Koontz

Three talented authors. 
Three love stories. 
Three approaching deadlines.

Midnight Casanova by Lainee Cole
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Two Days Until Midnight by Lynn Crandall
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Midnight Deadline for Love by Rena Koontz

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Available at Amazon  and  Smashwords

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Tuesday Special: The Ghost and Mrs. Miller with Sandra Tilley


     Libby Miller is a good Southern girl, and good Southern girls know the rules. But fate has no rules. On her nineteenth wedding anniversary, fate whips up a tornado of turmoil when Libby finds her husband Neil in the arms of his assistant. But the storm’s not over. Neil flips his BMW, and Libby comes home to find his ghost in the dining room. How is Libby supposed to grieve and move on with Neil’s ever-present, meddling ethereal presence in her life? 
     With her twentieth high school reunion looming, Libby finds herself torn between two men from her past. One man promises passion and a new beginning, and the other wants to pick up where they left off. Neil stirs up a maelstrom of mischief, making it almost impossible for Libby to sort through the rubble. Libby anticipates a confrontation between her two suitors–not a shadowy stalker who chooses the reunion as his setting for a showdown.
     In Libby’s quest for independence, she rejects the one man who can save her. Can she compromise the price of her freedom, or will it cost her a second chance at love and put her in danger?

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About Sandra:  Sandra Fetner Tilley, award-winning writer of Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense, grew up in a small town near Birmingham, Alabama, where friends always entered through the back door and where everyone spoke the same language—Southern. After a successful teaching career, she packed up her pearls and headed toward her inspiration: the sugar-white beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama, on the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico where her muse is happy.

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Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.
 – Jack Canfield
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YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure

The Write Way Café welcomes author Elma Schemenauer. In her book YesterCanada, she shares unique history of Canada, and answers questions, such as, Who put a jinx on Alberta’s lost Lemon Mine?

“Who wants to move to Canada?” asked my grandfather, Jacob Peter Martens. He glanced around the table at his wife and five children. Were they willing to leave their familiar Mennonite village in Russia and sail across the Atlantic to the new land?

“Yes, Canada!” the children chorused. Their mother shook her head. The majority won and the Martens arrived in Saskatchewan in May 1926. At first, they lived with relatives in the Swift Current-Herbert area. Later, they settled in the Elbow-Loreburn area, where I was born and grew up.

Life in the new land was challenging, but my relatives’ prevailing attitude was “Yes, Canada!” That’s my attitude, too. Love for this country and its history inspired my book YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure.

Published by Borealis Press of Ottawa, the book presents 30 historical tales spanning this great land and the centuries from the 1200s to the 1900s.

Some mysteries in YesterCanada involve eccentrics whose motives puzzle people to this day. One was a Finnish farmer who built an ocean-going ship near Macrorie, Saskatchewan, far from any ocean. Another was a hermit obsessed with the beauties of Niagara Falls.

Other mysteries in the book involve the supernatural, or seem to. For example, who rang the chapel bell in Tadoussac, Quebec one foggy April night in 1782? What mysterious power told an Atlantic Sea captain to change course and “sail to the nor’west?” Who put a jinx on Alberta’s lost Lemon Mine?

I’ve always been interested in faith, values, and the adventures they inspire. Stories in YesterCanada that especially reflect such themes include “Dr. Elizabeth of Onion Lake, Saskatchewan,” “A Nova Scotia Noah and His Ark,” “Lily of the Peace River,” and “Abigail Becker, Heroine of Lake Erie.”

I’m also interested in animals. Among those in the book are Manitoba’s haunted horse, the ten-armed monster of Newfoundland, and the camels of British Columbia’s Cariboo gold rush.

The narratives in YesterCanada are based on Canadian history, biography, folklore, and Aboriginal traditions. The bibliography in the back of the book lists my sources for each story.

YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure is a 248-page paperback with 30 illustrations, $19.95, ISBN 978-0-88887-650-8. Ask for it in a store or library. You can also order it online from Amazon, Chapters Indigo,or Borealis Press. For more information, please visit http://elmams.wixsite.com/elma .

About Elma:  Springtime on the prairie was the topic of one of the first pieces of writing Elma (Martens) Schemenauer did as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since. She's the author of 77 books including YESTERCANADA: HISTORICAL TALES OF MYSTERY AND ADVENTURE and the 1940s-era Mennonite novel CONSIDER THE SUNFLOWERS. Elma was born in Saskatchewan. She taught there and in Montana and Nova Scotia. Then she spent many years working as an author and editor in Toronto. She now lives with her husband on a sagebrush-dotted hillside in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Website      Facebook       Twitter       Blog

Amazon      Goodreads (YesterCanada)      Goodreads (Consider the Sunflowers)

AuthorsDen      Library Thing

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Tuesday Special: Instant Enticement with Samanthya Wyatt

Samanthya Wyatt

A naked woman in his shower . . .

Craig couldn’t believe his eyes. A practical joke on his friend turned out to be a naked beauty standing before him in all her fine glory. He was too shocked for words. A man who had his share of women, suddenly found himself speechless before this exotic creature. She was an aching temptation. Surrendering to his passion could cost him his best friend. Yet, he yearned to taste, to touch . . . but she was hands off.

Kelly has given upon men. Once she’d been young, beautiful, full of life, and way too trusting. But her last relationship changed all that. All men were liars—except for her best friend. The only man she would ever trust. At least that’s what she thought . . . until she met his best friend, Craig. He turned her world upside down and had her rethinking her vow. She yearns to taste the ecstasy his dark eyes promise. But he holds back. And now she must convince him she is innocent of betrayal.


Samanthya Wyatt – Author of Sizzling Romance. Once she found historical romance novels, she couldn’t put a book down. She fell in love with the characters and needed to know their happy ending.

Samanthya left her accounting career and married a military man, traveling and raising her children in the United States and abroad, and now lives in the Shenandoah Valley. Her dream of being published came true with Soul Mate Publishing. Although historical is her first love, she also writes contemporary. She enjoys penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes.

Samanthya loves a good book, a good joke, and her playful, witty husband. When she can, she relishes long walks on the beach, and of course, a book is a constant companion.

You can also find Samanthya Wyatt on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Soul Mate Publishing, and Night Owl Reviews. Google to find more info and blog posts and review sites.

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Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.
- William Feather
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Getting to Know Lynda Rees

The Write Way Café welcomes author Lynda Rees, a dreamer who believes in making her dreams come true.

When did you first have the thought you'd like to write a book? Was that first thought related to writing romance?
I was four and learning to read with my grandpa and the Bible. He interpreted the stories and it was fascinating drifting into other worlds than the one I lived in. My first author hero was Louisa May Alcott, and my favorite of her books is Eight Cousins. It’s still one of my favorites.

What was your path to getting this book written and published? What type of research did you do?
I live on a farm, and we raised our children on horseback. My daughter was a horse trainer for Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, Kentucky, and we have friends in the racing industry. Plus I’m an avid fan of horse racing and the magnificent four-legged athletes.

Where did the idea for your story come from? 
Bloodlines & Lies is book 5 of The Bloodline Series. It didn’t start as a series; however, I fell in love with the characters in book 1, Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine and wanted to discover what happened in the future of the small, tight-knit community. Each book thereafter has focused on different characters in the neighborhood, but brings in the original characters I started this journey with Lemon Sage Benton-Gordon and Sheriff Wyatt Gordon.

Why did you pick the setting you did?
I’ve always heard one should write what you know. I know about horses and racing, advertising, marketing, and relationships. My daughter and her first career as a race horse trainer inspired some of the ideas and our past in general spurred much of the rest.

Are your main characters completely imaginary or do they have some basis in real people? Do they reflect aspects of yourself?
Both—myself, family, friends and people I’ve met through the years inspire parts of characters I craft. Each one is an individual, sometimes made up of lots of bits and pieces of real or imaginary people. I believe this is true with most novel writers.

Did you face any blocks while writing the book, and if so, how did you handle them? If not, what's your secret?
Not really. I simply sit my butt in the chair and my creative muse takes over.

What have been surprises you've encountered while writing the book and after?
I have a background in corporate America in marketing and global transportation. When I decided to seriously pursue publication of my writing, I was surprised at the way the industry has evolved, and the amount of marketing that the author is responsible for. Unless you’re someone like Stephen King or Nora Roberts, with a long-standing successful track record, the marketing end of book selling is in the hands of the writer, whether indie published or with a small or large press publishing house. Minimal effort is put out by the publisher.

What did you learn? For instance, what did you learn about yourself, your process, the writing world; about thoroughbred horses, Kentucky, and the Triple Crown?
I was fortunate to have a horse-trainer, my daughter Brandy, who was educated in equestrian therapy and breeding to rely on to help me resolve the intricacies of the breeding process and the size of the prize for breeding in the racing industry. I’ve always been an avid fan of racing.

Tell us about your writing space and how or why it works for you.
I have an office in my home where I escape to for four to ten hours a day. I usually lose track of time, when working. My husband signals when I might’ve been at it too long by sitting a cocktail next to my mouse pad. He’s my true hero to put up with a workaholic like me.

What are some of your favorite books and why?
I adore anything Janet Evanovich writes. I’ve embarrassed myself more than once on a crowded plane cracking up out loud at her stories. I love to laugh, but find I’m not that funny when writing. I love Danielle Steele books and have consumed every one eagerly. I adore American History, so love books like Gone With The Wind and stories like Lonesome Dove, North To Alaska, and Dances With Wolves. I’ll read anything about a soldier or cowboy, so love a classic hero.

What are you working on now?
I’m finalizing God Father’s Day, a stand-alone romantic suspense set at a lake resort in Kentucky. Justin’s life seems perfect until tragedy awakens an evil past threatening to destroy his future and his chances with Becky, who has been hurt before and can’t compete with his wealthy fiancé.
This story haunted me since childhood when the father of a friend was gunned down on the street by the Mob.  I am excited to have it completed.

Would you like to try your hand at writing a different genre?  Which one and why?
Actually, I’m doing final editing on my first middle-grade children’s book. It is book 1 of the series titled Freckle Face & Blondie, and co-authored by my granddaughter, Harley Nelson. It is a work of love.

If you were not a writer, what would your dream job be?
Travel writer. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to some glamorous, intriguing places and worked with many folks from other cultures. I have a wonder lust that never seems satisfied.

What aspect of writing gives you the most trouble?
I’d say the marketing end. It’s my background but when I decided to become a published author, I didn’t realize it would be my future job as well.

Who is your favorite hero/heroine?
That would have to be my lumberjack friend, Logan Pace, the hero of my award winning historical novel Gold Lust Conspiracy, where a marriage of convenience turns Jessie Blackstone into a young widow responsible for the livelihood of many in savage, lawless Skagway, Alaska. Jessie faces severe weather, brutal landscape, her sordid past, and her attraction to virile lumberjack Logan Pace. She must learn to thrive in a man’s hostile business world.

Lynda Rees is a story teller and dreamer whose dreams come true.  She lives on a farm in Kentucky with her incredible husband and herd of critters watching her children and grandchildren breath—fascinating. Born in the splendid Appalachian Mountains the daughter of a coal miner and part Cherokee Indian, Lynda grew up in northern Kentucky when the Mob reigned supreme in Newport and the city prospered as a gambling, prostitution and sin mecca. She’s fascinated with how history affects today’s lives and it works its way into her written pages. After a corporate career in marketing and global transportation this free spirited adventurer with workaholic tendencies followed her passion with for writing.

Gold Lust Conspiracy, her award winning historical romance, launched Sept, 2017 by Sweetwater Publishing Company along with Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary and Wine, the first of The Bloodline Series of romantic suspense set in Kentucky horse country. Books 1-5 launch before 2018 with others schedule in the spring. Stay tuned.

Lynda’s first children’s book, Freckle Face & Blondie, is co-authored with her granddaughter Harley Nelson launching early 2018. Enjoy her stories. She hopes you become life-long friends.

To learn more about Lynda's work follow her by clicking here:

Website: www.lyndareesauthor.com

Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine; The Bloodline Series, Book 1
Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine (The Bloodline Series Book 1) by [Rees, Lynda]
Romantic Suspense/Cozy Mystery - Sweetwater Publishing Company

Watch the trailer on YouTube

PRINT:     Amazon      Barnes & Noble

eBOOK:   Kindle        NOOK          KOBO         Apple iTunes

Gold Lust Conspiracy (historical fiction/ romance)
Gold Lust Conspiracy by [Rees, Lynda]

View the trailer on YouTube 

PRINT:    Amazon          Barnes & Noble

eBOOK:  Kindle           KOBO         NOOK          Apple iTunes

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Tuesday Special: Holiday Hearts with Josie Riviera

Josie Riviera

Holiday Hearts: A Sweet and Wholesome Romance Bundle

Savor the magic of Josie Riviera’s holiday romances—exclusively in one boxed set. For a limited time, this set is available for the low price of only $.99!

A sweet, heartwarming story is the hallmark of a romantic holiday season. With this exciting offer exclusively from USA Today Bestselling author Josie Riviera, enjoy three emotionally satisfying sweet holiday romances, a trio all wrapped up and delivered directly to your inbox.  Bundle up and save!

A Snowy White Christmas
Margaret Snow no longer believes in fairy tales, but she’s determined her young daughter will experience a real, upstate New York Christmas, not LA’s fake…everything. Giving up glitz and glamor to return to the trailer park is easy, but facing her high school sweetheart, Fernando Brandt, is another story. Especially when the sparks flying between them illuminate the insecurities that could prevent her from accepting the true gift of Christmas—unconditional love.

Candleglow and Mistletoe
When Noelle Wentworth’s bus crashes, one deep, rumbling voice calms her racing heart—then a handsome face kicks it back into allegro. But love is a concerto she never learned to play.
Noelle once saved Gabriel Waters from a high school bully. There’s no recognition in her eyes, but there’s something else that tugs at his heart—pain and distrust. Unexpected attraction burns warm and sweet, but their pasts could turn the promise of love to ashes.

A Portuguese Christmas
Injured during a Portuguese surfing competition, Krystal is determined to defy doctor’s orders to make it home to Rhode Island by Christmas. First, though she has to get past handsome, arrogant Adolfo Silva.

Keeping Krystal safe is Adolfo’s first priority, but this bold, courageous woman’s wings won’t be clipped. Somehow, he must convince her that spending Christmas with him isn’t the end of her world. Because she’s become the center of his.


If you love to binge-watch a certain wholesome holiday movie channel, Josie Riviera’s romance bundle is the perfect gift to yourself. Cozy up under a quilt with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!


Josie Riviera is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of contemporary, inspirational, and historical sweet romances that read like Hallmark movies. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area with her wonderfully supportive husband. They share their home with an adorable Shih Tzu who constantly needs grooming and live in an old house forever needing renovations. 

Have you ever tried something you were afraid to try because it mattered so much to you? I did, when I started writing. Take the chance, everyone, and just do something you love.

Sign up for her blog and subscribe to her newsletter for a free ebook on her website: josieriviera.com

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Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. 
- Hal Borland

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Meet Emma Lane

The Write Way Café welcomes Emma Lane. Author, gardener, and more, Emma has a way with romance.

When did you first have the thought you'd like to write a book? Was that first thought related to writing romance? 
As an avid reader the thought had always been with me. I thought “someday” I would get around to writing, until one day I realized the ‘somedays’ were getting rather limited.

What was your path to getting this book written and published? What type of research did you do?   
I followed the advice to ‘write what you know and like.’  I love Regency Romance. When I sat down to write, a three book series called “The Vicar’s Daughters” popped out. I started visiting publishers and submission directions. Eventually I found a taker! I was thrilled. Yes! I am constantly researching. I will never know all there is to find out about that historical era.

Where did the idea for your story come from?  
Ummm…I was cleaning out my jewelry box and admiring an amber necklace that had belonged to my mother. A fond father naming his four daughters after precious jewels struck me. His name was Jewelaster and his daughters were Peal, Ruby, Emerald, and Amber. Each story followed the young ladies as they searched for their happily ever after.

Why did you pick the setting you did?
I needed a winter setting for my third Christmas Collection of short stories called Wedding Bells for a Regency Christmas. I used both a country and city backgrounds to add variation to the stories.

Are your main characters completely imaginary or do they have some basis in real people? Do they reflect aspects of yourself? 
I have three sisters so I can never claim my characters are completely made up. There must always be a touch here and there of people I know in real life.  I draw heavily on certain personalities I observe, although there is never an actual real person presented. Actual authentic historical figures are sometimes mentioned.

Did you face any blocks while writing the book, and if so, how did you handle them? If not, what's your secret? 
A serious illness left me lethargic until I finally forced myself to resume writing. Soon the words were flowing once more and my pleasure in writing resumed.  It was the first time I could understand why some writers called it work. I had always before called it fun.

What have been surprises you've encountered while writing the book and after? 
Different reactions to the stories. Some readers love one and others another. To me, they are all one family. I could not separate their stories even though each is different; all four are on a quest to find their life’s destiny.

What did you learn? 
As mentioned above, I learned sometimes one must work at writing.

Tell us about your writing space and how or why it works for you. 
I have a lovely bay window office that allows me to enjoy what’s going on outside. A bird feeder keeps the scene lively.

What are some of your favorite books and why? 
All of Georgette Heyer, of course. I am an eclectic reader and will enjoy whatever is before me. I like J.D. Robb and other mysteries. Recently I’ve been reading Dorothy Sayer. I admire her writing very much although I sometimes stumble over the plots.

What are you working on now?
I’m putting together a couple of short stories for Valentine’s day. I may or may not make the deadline.  Other life things keep rearing their sweet heads and temp me from my keyboard.

Would you like to try your hand at writing a different genre?  Which one and why? 
I alternately write Cozy Mysteries and have several published by Soul Mate Publishing. They are available in both e-book format and paperback. Murder in the Neighborhood  (written as Janis Lane) introduces Detective Kevin Fowler who works in small town America. He and his colleagues, friends, and neighbors live quietly until threatened by a serial killer. There are two subsequent novels in the series.

If you were not a writer, what would your dream job be? 
Writing is my dream job. I also play with flowers in my son’s nursery. That’s a pretty dreamy job as well.  Someday when I have enough time and energy, I would like to write a gardening book for young couples just starting out.

What aspect of writing gives you the most trouble? 

Who is your favorite hero/heroine?  
Superman.  I would love to leap tall buildings at a single bound.  Also Sully, the pilot who landed in the Hudson. I’m reading his book, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters.  It’s not fiction, but I would have loved to invent a character with his strengths.  That he is a real person is a marvel.

by Emma Lane
Four sisters, each named for a precious jewel, Pearl,Ruby, Emerald, and Amber, find their true destinies as each fall in love with a true mate and handsome hero.

Four sisters, left to fend for themselves when their father passes, manage one by one to fulfill their destiny and find their true loves. Four seasonal Christmas love stories.


About Emma:
Emma lives in Western New York on a few picturesque acres with her ever patient husband. They own and operate a small herbtique which keeps their days busy and interesting during the summer months. They have two brilliant grown-up children and a wonderful pair of grandchildren. In one way or another, the entire family contributes to Emma’s stories. They are her biggest fans and she is ever thankful for it. Emma is an author of multiple Regency Romances e-published at Musa Publishing, contemporary romance suspense novels at Desert Breeze Publishing and cozy, romantic mysteries at Soul Mate Publishing.

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What I Learned About Writing From Glenn Frey of the Rock Band, Eagles

Glenn Frey was just starting out as an artist and living in a cheap apartment above Jackson Browne. Every morning he’d hear Browne’s teapot go off. Then a few notes on his piano. Over and over and over. Each time, just a little different. Then a second verse, and the same thing, again, and again, and again. It would be quiet for a while, then once more, the teapot. Then that first verse on the piano, and it would start all over again. Ah, ha, Frey thought. So that’s how it’s done. Not through inspiration, not by waiting for great ideas to float into your head. Elbow grease . . . time . . . thought . . . persistence.

Heeding that advice, I buckled down and wrote the award-winning THE KILLER WHO HATED SOUP. The first in The Killer Who mystery series, taking place in small town, Defiance, Oklahoma, 1957. A town not particularly averse to murders, just the embarrassment of them.

The Internet? Never heard of it. Smart phones? Who you kiddin’? We’re talkin’ 1956.

Energetic and eager to make his mark on what Time magazine called the next great boom town, Bucky Ontario leaves his Louisiana home and hops a bus to Defiance, Oklahoma, a town not particularly averse to murders, just the embarrassment of them. While helping his friend, Kindra search for a ring that once belonged to her dead mother, Bucky is told: “Find the baby, find the ring.”

About Bill: 
     Bill grew up in California and went to Hollywood High School, then served as an Air Force combat cameraman. After hiring on at Disney Studios as a film loader, he soon advanced and moved on to other film studios. He earned a master’s degree in psychology. A big help when working with Trumpish Hollywood producers.
     During his more than twenty- five years in the movie business as a cameraman, film editor, and general manager, Bill worked on everything from the hilarious, The Love Bug, to the creepy, The Exorcist, to the far out, Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica.
     Eight years ago, Bill switched from reading scripts to writing mysteries and driving racecars. After completing three award- winning novels, he signed with Black Opal Books. His first novel, The Devil Orders Takeout, is a standalone thriller about a devoted father and husband who makes a deal with a real- life devil to protect his golf- prodigy son after his wife and older son are killed in a mysterious accident — and pays hell for it.
    Bill’s second novel, The Killer Who Hated Soup, is Book One in the 1950s The Killer Who mystery series, and is available NOW! Book Two of the mystery series, The Killer Who Wasn’t There, is scheduled for release February 24, 2018!
     Bill writes everyday and golfs infrequently (that damn right knee!). His five children and eight grandchildren keep him busy going to birthday parties, and he never misses a one!
     The Brier Patch is Bill’s wildly entertaining blog about his shameless early days in Hollywood.
     Bill is a member of Mystery Writers of America.

Facebook       Twitter      Goodreads       LinkedIn

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