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Monday Morsels: God Father's Day

...a taste of romance

by Lynda Rees
This is an excerpt from a scene when Justin and his critically ill father go fishing. It’s time for Richard to own up to his past and tell his son, before it’s too late.
* * * * *
“I came to grips with it, determined to become the type man she rated, a better man, one she could be proud of.”
“Mom was proud of you, Dad. So am I. You’re wonderful and have been an incredible father and husband. You provided us a great life. You’re respected and have tons of friends. Why?” Justin leaned against the sofa sipping beer, dreading what sounded like a defining moment in his life.
“Let me start at the beginning, so you’ll understand. I won’t beg forgiveness because it’s too much to ask. But at least maybe you will understand.”
“Ridiculous.” Justin insisted, wiping hair from his forehead, adjusting his camouflaged cap. “You couldn’t possibly have done anything I wouldn’t forgive. I know you. You’re a good man. You couldn’t do the unforgivable.”
“We’ll find out soon enough.” Richard winced, obviously under substantial stress.
Justin worried for his condition, but the doctor advised to say the unspoken while time allowed.
“How about I tell you everything from the beginning? We’ll see.”
* * * * *
Below is a short scene giving some insight to Becky’s dilemma.
* * * * *
Adrenalin surged through Justin’s veins. Steeling himself, he reluctantly hurled from the vehicle forcing each step, surrendering to the future—whatever it held. As he strode toward the entrance, a petite woman with a mop of bouncing chocolate curls ending below her ears strolled out wearing nursing scrubs, lovely but looking fatigued.
As she exited the revolving door, a man bolted around a dark corner heading her way. Panic blanched her face. Shock registered there. Her mouth hung open and she back-stepped uncertainly. Her arms flew in front of her, as if to fend the bloke off.
A tall, bulky uniformed guard shot toward the door noticing the interaction.
The stranger reached the nurse and grabbed her arm jerking her close. Her hand slid between them, and she emitted a meek squeal, like a mouse caught in a trap.
Justin’s heart sank at the sound.
The guy pulled her toward a darkened area. She attempted to stall by bracing her feet and bending. Resistance proved ineffective. The tall, muscular fella tugged hard—no match for the large, well-honed man’s strength.

by Lynda Rees
Handsome, successful, attorney, Justin Martin rushes home to care for his ailing father and unravels an evil past threatening to destroy Justin’s perfect life. Vulnerable at his lowest point, Becky’s strength carries him through. She keeps men at bay for her and her son’s safety, but Justin’s broken spirit penetrates armor opening her fragile heart. Neither of them believes in love, and they certainly aren’t seeking it. Becky can’t compete with his wealthy fiancé. Justin discovers what matters most—in perfect time to lose it. Certain death looms in the sleepy, lakeside town. Vicious confrontation is eminent.


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HiDee said...

Thank you for sharing God Father's Day with us, Lynda!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with your readers. The spread is lovely. Thank you. Love is a dangerous mystery. Enjoy the ride. Lynda Rees