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Monday Morsels: Madam Mom

by Lynda Rees

He had the most engaging smile. She wanted to stroke the tiny wrinkles in the corners of his eyes to see if the skin felt soft or firm. When he smiled, slight dimples formed to the sides of his mouth. She wondered how it would feel kissing those tempting lips and nibbling to explore the depth of those tiny dips.

Wow. Where had it come from?

Her libido, normally well-guarded and in check, entangled emotions with actions. Nothing fired as it should. She was beyond able to control sparking senses, no matter how inappropriate.

Sex appeal oozed from each breath he expelled. Pheromones struck a happy, hot dance in her veins.

The Seatbelt On sign blinked off. He extended a hand. “I’m Sam Finch.”

Tisha shook it firmly. Heat from his skin melted any resistance that remained. Their eyes locked and spoke more than words could.

“Nice meeting you, Sam Finch. I’m Tisha McClain.” The sultry words came out with a life of their own, expressing more about her needs than her name.

Sam blinked, cocked his head and raised an eyebrow, keeping their gaze locked as though trying to read her intention.

“Listen, I owe you an apology for the way I acted today. I’m sorry. I’ve been overwhelmed, and you offered nothing but kindness. I hope you’ll forgive my rudeness.” Her lashes fluttered flirtingly as though they had a will of their own. She didn’t try to control them.

“Don’t give it another thought. I understand. I shouldn’t have butted in. You appeared . . . well, desperate.”

“I guess that about sums it up. I’ve been in shock since getting the news.” She couldn’t bear repeating it.

“I’m sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you’re going through.” It rang sincere.

“Thank you.” Glad he hadn’t assumed to understand. She hated when people did that. How could anyone know how a person felt? She struggled to get grounded. Sam is a nice guy, certainly a handsome one; and he acts interested.

He wouldn’t leave her alone. He certainly had sex appeal. She longed to run her fingers through the golden locks continually straying out of place and pull the gorgeous lips to hers.

Maybe a hot tryst with a sexy stranger would help her equilibrium return. She wasn’t fast and loose with men normally, but discretion got her a broken heart more often than she cared to count.

She’d never see Sam again. The perfect plan formed in her mind. They stepped into the gate and claimed their baggage.

“Could I buy you a cup of coffee?” Sam appeared hopeful.

She felt herself falling under his spell. She had nothing to lose. Why not go for it?

“If you need anything while in town, don’t hesitate to call me—really.” Sam handed her a business card.

She pocketed it without looking at it. Her humming horny side heated her cheeks instead of the ebbing allergic reaction. “I doubt it. I’m busy and heading home soon as possible. I won’t have a social life while here.”

He was hitting on her— commendable after what she’d put him through. He acted gluttonous for punishment, but it served her needs.

She dabbed at a tear in the corner of her eye. Would they never stop?

“I’m sorry. Again I’ve screwed up. I never know when to shut my trap. I didn’t mean disrespect. Growing up in a houseful of females, I can’t stand to see a woman cry. You might need a friend. But of course, you must have lots of friends, having grown up here.” He blundered around acting flustered and looking cute.

Tisha felt sorry for him. “Not really.” Tisha gazed away wiping a tear.

Now or never. The guy acted interested, clearly. Men were always opened to sex without strings. Why not take advantage? She needed something to bolster her strength. They’d both get laid. No one lost in the deal. No harm. No fowl.

Want to read more?

Tisha McClain’s attorney, Sam resents having a spoiled, rich-bitch heiress dropped onto his plate. The sexy, blonde male at the airport is an intrusive buttinski, but appealing. Without revealing identities they share a wild, one-time fling.

Unraveling her family’s sordid past, Tisha exposes deception. Proper, business-woman, Mom performed as a stripper and ran a brothel. Dad had managed strip clubs, associated with gangsters, and his brutal execution remains unsolved.

Recognizing their misconceptions about each other, Tisha and Sam form a special bond; but Tisha’s been betrayed by men before. Can Tisha get out of an unlawful predicament, evade the killer targeting her, and end the vicious McClain Curse?


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HiDee said...

Thanks for sharing your book with us, Lynda!

R.T. Wolfe said...

Best wishes. :)

Lynda Rees said...

Thank you, HiDee. I appreciate you posing my excerpt. Madam Mom is dear to my heart. I grew up in Newport during the time the heroine's mom might've been running her illegal business. It was a unique time in history, and Tisha could've been a descendent of that time.

I love reading your blog. You do great work. Thanks again.