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Tuesday Special: Broken Justice, Blind Love with Rena Koontz

Rena Koontz

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He is a suspect. An accused killer. And Trish Kleerey is the law. Patrolman Kleerey stands tall, speaks assertively, and sees right and wrong as clearly as her black and white cruiser. Commit a wrong and face the consequences. But her strict moral code is challenged when her investigation into a series of murders incriminates the man she loves. Her training tells her to arrest him. Her heart screams otherwise.

Bryan DeJewel feels the line between love and the law blur when Trish questions him about the serial killings. The Trish Kleerey he knows is soft, warm, and capable of bringing him to his knees with desire, but that passion isn’t enough to build a lasting relationship. It’s as plain as her black and white cruiser: If she loves him, she must trust him.

Her suspicious nature already cost her a lifelong friendship.  She couldn’t turn her back on the physical abuse she suspected her friend suffered but, once again, her questions alienated a person she loves. Believing Bryan means turning her back on hard evidence, breaking the rules and risking her career to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, the real killer watches and waits, hoping she’ll fall into his deadly trap. Trish’s dilemma: listen to her heart and choose love, or strap on her gun and enforce the law?


About Rena:

     Former newspaper reporter and North Port (FL.) resident Rena Koontz announces the Oct. 5, 2016 release of her newest romantic suspense novel Broken Justice, Blind Love.
     The novel, published by Soul Mate Publishing, will be available on Amazon.com initially as an e-book. The paperback version will release in 2017.
     Broken Justice, Blind Love is Ms. Koontz’s fifth novel, all featuring police and law enforcement as the good guys. And in Ms. Koontz’s world, “the good guys always win.”
     Ms. Koontz’s books are loosely based on her experiences as a reporter in Pittsburgh, PA. and Cleveland, OH., writing for two of the country’s top 20 newspapers, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. The veteran journalist relies on her reporting experiences to create fictitious stories based on actual crimes. A romantic at heart, Ms. Koontz magically weaves love, romance and a happy ending into all of her books.
     She promises “enough suspense to satisfy the reader's desire for action as well as enough heat to burn the pages.”
     Broken Justice, Blind Love blends an intricate tale of serial murder and domestic violence into a love story between the police officer and the murder suspect. A common theme of trust runs through all of her books and Broken Justice, Blind Love is no different.
     The heroine must choose between her head and her heart – believe the evidence against him or follow her heart and find the real killer.
     Ms. Koontz’s earlier novels are available electronically and in paperback through most e-retailers.

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HiDee said...

Congrats on your latest release, Rena! I look forward to reading it. Thanks for being with us today!

Angela Adams said...

Intriguing read, Rena! Best wishes with your release.

RT Wolfe said...

Love the cover. This is so awesome. Best wishes, Rena!

Rena Koontz said...

Thanks to all of you. I appreciate the support