Welcome to The Write Way Café! Grab a cup of coffee or tea—or yerba mate, whatever makes you happy—sit down and be a part of a place devoted to stories. Whether you read them, write them or both, this is a place for you. 

There are many blog sites related to writing, so why are we adding to the community? We’re curious about what you have to say about stories, so we hope you’ll share. Maybe you’ve been especially touched by a heartwarming romance or enjoyed the world-building in an urban fantasy—tell us about it. Maybe you’ve read a paranormal romance and learned, surprisingly, that there was something there you can apply to your life. And maybe you’ve read a human interest story in a magazine or newspaper and think the story was just pretty cool. Or maybe you’ve found a twist to the historical romance you’re writing and it’s so exciting you want to talk about it. Or some kind soul at your book signing applauded your skills at weaving a fabulous plot. These experiences and more are what we hope to be a part of the landscape at The Write Way Café.

Sharing stories, the experience of reading them and putting them to paper and sending them out into the world, will expand our lives and we’ll all be the richer for it.