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Tuesday Special: Finding Eden with Tina Newcomb

Tina Newcomb

Welcome to Eden Falls, Washington, where smiles are frequent and a helping hand is always near.

An Eden Falls Novel
     Best-selling author Colton McCreed flies into remote but charming Eden Falls for the summer to study small town life for his next horrific murder mystery. As his research pulls him into the community, his life becomes entwined with Mayor Alex Blackwood and her exuberant son. Colton’s bitter past left him believing he’s immune to love, but he soon finds himself drawn to Alex and her happy-go-lucky kid. 
     Alex Blackwood is not only the mayor of Eden Falls, she’s a business owner, the mother of six-year-old Charlie, and a widow. While love for her son fills her soul, the crushing reality of the death of her husband, who was killed while serving his country, is always near. As she struggles to find balance between her busy life and the challenge of raising a young son on her own, dating someone who’s leaving at the end of summer runs dead last on her to-do list.
     Charlie’s impromptu invitations to dinner throw Colton and Alex into a world of discovery, shattering her image of Mr. Right and his belief forever happiness is out of reach.
     Colton must move past his fear of attachment or risk losing his opportunity at love.

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About Tina:  I was born and raised in Utah on the foothills of the spectacular Wasatch Front, where life as a kid was magical. Summers were spent hiking or swimming in the neighborhood pool, winters were for sledding down mountain hills.
     I acquired my love of reading from my parents. My mother was a librarian and stacks of books were always close at hand. I wrote my first (more than three page) story in fourth grade. Tobie, my heroine, bravely solved The Mystery Behind the Iron Door. I took writing classes in college and stories began to develop.
     I write happily-ever-after stories about real people going through the trials and tribulations of life. 
     I love my job, from blank page to the “ah-ha!” moments when a story comes together. 
     I live in Northern Colorado with my husband five of our eight children, and one of three grandchildren.

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HiDee said...

Love your cover. Eden Falls sounds like somewhere I want to visit. Thank you for joining us today, Tina!

Tina Newcomb said...

Thank you for the opportunity to be here today. My cover was designed by Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs. She is so great to work with. Eden Falls is a great place to visit.

Angela Adams said...

HiDee, you and I think alike (LOL). I focused on the book cover, too. It's a very pretty cover, Tina. Best wishes with your book!

Tina Newcomb said...

Thank you, Angela. Thanks for stopping by.