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Tuesday Special: Mary E. Thompson

Mary E. Thompson


Does this shapely woman have the guts to risk her heart, and her job, for her stunning boss? 
by Mary E. Thompson
     Love isn’t in the realm of possibility for Lexi Mack. After her parents manipulated her love to get their way before and after their divorce, she knew love wasn’t something she ever wanted. It would just leave her hurt, and she’d had enough pain to last a lifetime. 
     Sex was another story though. Lexi could handle that. She needed it, and Mike Peterman was the perfect man to help her get that release. 
     Until Mike wants to change things. 
     When he becomes her boss, she’s ready to end their friends-with-benefits relationship, but he wants to take things to a completely different level. 
     Can Lexi get over her opposition to love, and dating the boss, and let Mike in? Or is she destined to be alone forever? 

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Mary E. Thompson grew up loving to read, like a good little girl. Many nights she would fall asleep with the flashlight still turned on as she hid under the covers trying to finish the last few pages of a book. As an adult, the light from her ereader means she doesn't need a flashlight, but she still stays up way too late to finish a book.
     When Mary's not reading, she's playing with her two kids or living out her own real life romance novel with her hubby. She has a weakness for chocolate, especially when it's paired with peanut butter, and has been known to have a bad day just because there's no chocolate in the house. Unless there’s wine. Then everything is okay.
     Mary grew up in Buffalo, New York and swears she's the only local to never ski or snowboard. Soccer was always her sport, with a couple adventures white water rafting and skydiving to keep things interesting. Mary moved to South Carolina for college but missed Buffalo every day. Yeah, she thinks she's crazy, too. She somehow convinced her South Carolina born and bred hubby to return to Buffalo to raise their kids and live out their lives. He’s still not sure what he was thinking.

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HiDee said...

Great title, Mary! I look forward to reading Shapely & Stunning. Thanks for being with us today!

Mary E Thompson said...

Thanks so much for hosting me again, HiDee! It's so much fun to be here! I hope you enjoy the story!

Angela Adams said...

Mary, this sounds like a great "beach read." Best wishes with your book!

Mary E Thompson said...

Thanks Angela! I hope you enjoy it!

essay best said...

This story is very true to reality and that’s true that love is not everything. You have to look for other things as well.

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