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Kizzy Saves Charmaine's Day

The Write Way Café welcomes author Charmaine Gordon, who used seven weeks in rehab to write a book.

Right off the bat, like Humpty Dumpty, I had a terrible fall and spent 7 weeks in rehab. My best pal, Judy Audevard, president of Paws for a Cause, a well known group of people with Therapy Dogs, received the word. "My best friend is injured and she needs some love from the pups." Come they did in droves wearing their little or big red vests ready to give me love and kisses. I had the idea of writing a book of what these dogs mean to the owners, so I did sitting in a wheelchair every day. The book is not big but it is heartwarming. Here's a taste of one chapter.

By the way, this is not your average romance. Due to be released in October, we are all thrilled with this 99-cent small book I put together.

It all began on 9/11. Well didn't everything? My friend, Judy and Bob drove down to the inferno of what was left of The Tower. There they found dog after dog lined up to work wearing their red vests.

They said to each other, "We must get a dog and teach him to be a therapy dog" and so they did. They named him Kizzy, this shy pooch who needed kindness and love. They brought him home, shivering on Judy's lap and when he got home, his new home, he sniffed around and found, upstairs, Judy's grandmother who had a stroke. Right away, Kizzy cuddled under her chin and she, in return, cuddled back. Love at first sight. The hand that didn't work began to move. All because of the lovely dog.

Judy tells me that over the years, she and her Kizzy have been quite a team. She taught him to dance and entertain the West Pointers, taught them to laugh and to read. Personally, I love this pooch, now seventeen. There are many lovely, warm stories in our small book. I do hope you will enjoy them.

As for me, I have written twenty five books and love each one. Some are composite stories, like She Didn't Say No and the Rivers Edge collection. Reconstruction Charlie is a special tale and turned into a series. The Beginning. . Not The End-a Mature Romance that is so much fun with lots of love and humor. Try them all. You won't regret them.

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HiDee said...

Therapy dogs are wonderful. Glad you are on the mend - take care of yourself. Thanks for joining us today!

Charmaine Gordon said...

I was on the mend until last Thursday when I woke up in the midst of a heart attack. Husband called the medics who responded quickly and took me to the local hospital. I just was released after some loving care at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern NY.
Thanks for the invitation. When my latest book is released, I'll let you know.
Best, Charmaine