Tuesday, January 21, 2014 | By: Lynn

I Wish You Naps

Working for what we need and what we want is part of life for most of us. We get regular breaks – weekends, holidays, vacations – from the daily grind. We escape from work to regain balance and peace. Writer, waiter, doctor, office assistant, lawyer, teacher, mom, dad, whatever our work is, we need to take a break from it to maintain our sanity.

Though I'm not big on taking vacations, I do feel the need to escape from time to time. I felt that need recently, and began thinking about a destination that would settle the chaos in me. I love my work as an editor and writer, but deadlines can get overwhelming and schedules can be hectic. I realized while I was daydreaming about getting away that the "work" that was dragging me down so much was the work I do to achieve my goals, personal and career goals. No matter where I go, where I escape to, I'm there, my thoughts whirling, checking in on my productivity, my attitude, my personal growth, my relationships, and on and on. It's a lot to manage (a word that sounds like more work), and I start longing for absence of doing and instead just being.

Just being is not something we're familiar with. We've been taught, I believe, to keep busy doing the many things that our society and we believe make us happy and fulfilled. But for me, keeping on task leads to complete soul fatigue. I know the solutions that will soothe my overworking brain, but even they can feel like work. I meditate and it always proves helpful, but I'm resistant to stopping and getting still. After all, I have work to do!

So while I was cleaning my desk the other day, it's not a surprise that I noticed in a pile of papers I was sorting a page where I'd typed this sentence:

I send you waking naps, where for brief periods of time, you can stop working on yourself and simply luxuriate in where you are right now, just as you are.

I don’t know who wrote this or where I got it from, but it made me pause. I just stood there, letting myself relax. It felt so nourishing to my working-on-myself self. I have strong desires to grow personally and to grow my writing. But, I think I deserve moments of just being. Rested, I think I'll be able to be more loving, more creative, more alive.

What is it like inside your brain most of the time? What do you do to have peace?


RT Wolfe said...

The times I have peace are when I write. It is truly my crack cocaine. :)
-R.T. Wolfe

Lynn said...

How nice! I feel the same way, RT.