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Summer Reading @lcrandallwriter

I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying the summer weather. In Indiana, there have been frequent storms and some very hot days. There also have been mild temperatures, but the main thing I am enjoying is the variety. The sun shines, storms come, the sun comes back out. Perfect days for summer reading. Even though it is August, there is still plenty of summer left to fit in some reading.

I don’t get a lot of time to read, one of my favorite things to do, so when I find a time to sit down with a book I want it to give me a satisfying experience. I tend to stick with favorite authors, but I’m venturing more and more into new-to-me authors lately. After all, I am a new author to those who have not yet found my books, so I like to give new authors a chance.

For a number of summers, I’ve included books in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher and that tradition continues this year. Since I was late to discover these gems, I still have plenty to choose from. I’m presently finishing up Changes. Love it, as I do all Jim Butcher books. If you don’t know, Butcher’s main character Harry Dresden is a paranormal private investigator who trudges through different realities filled with a variety of humans, fairies, vampires, and monsters.

I’m a big Kelley Armstrong fan. This summer I’ve been reading a collection of her stories titled Otherworld Chills. I finished her Women of the Otherworld series long ago, but this anthology gave me a chance to revisit her paranormal characters and come away with big sighs. I love getting my Kelley Armstrong fix.

Seawitch, a book in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson, finally came off my to-read stacks. The main character in the series, Harper Blaine, is a pararnormal detective, and a strong female protagonist. The plots are interesting and Richardson’s descriptions are immersive.

It wouldn’t be summer without a Christmas in July, err, August book. That’s what Captured by Christmas is. An anthology featuring two seasonal short stories that celebrate sentiments of the holiday season, The Mistletoe Effect, a contemporary romance by Lainee Cole, and Snowbound, a paranormal romance by me. 

I also have read and am reading books by authors I haven’t read before in my summer reading stack. Because there are so many talented authors out there offering really great books, that stack is tall, but I’m enjoying the new-to-me writers. Some of these writers are published by Crimson Romance, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Here’s a peek at just a few of its authors. https://youtu.be/9czGSclk6Fo . A few I suggest readers take a look at include Protecting Her Secrets by Dana Volney, a romantic suspense, and Slopeside, a romantic suspense trilogy by Angela Smith, set in the Montana mountains. Another Crimson author, Rena Koontz, released a romantic suspense from Soul Mate Publishing titled Broken Justice, Blind Love, a 2017 Rone award nominee. Who doesn’t like to read about cops and serial killers?

It wouldn’t be my blog post if I didn’t introduce some of my books to you. I’m working on a romantic suspense novel right now, but until it releases, I invite you to put my books in the Fierce Heart series  on your summer reading list. I’ve set up an instafreebie 
https://www.instafreebie.com/free/uzQfA for you to get a quick intro to my writing with Finding Finn, a paranormal romance spin-off of my series. All you have to do to get the download is sign up for my newsletter. In every issue, I discuss my writing and feature books by other authors for you to consider, as well as run monthly giveaways. I hope to connect with you soon.

Meanwhile, happy summer reading! What books are on your list?


Angela Adams said...

Every once in a while I get nostalgic for Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. It's like going back for a visit with old friends. I just finished reading "Whispering Rock," the 3rd book in the series. Enjoy the waning days of Summer, Lynn (smile!).

Mark R Hunter said...

I don't get much summer reading time at all -- especially with my wife, who's very much an outdoorsy type and grew up in the much hotter southern Missouri. But I have been able to fit some writing time in, so that's something!

Cafe said...

I feel like that nostalgia, too, from time to time. And it's especially fun to slip back into a series, as you said, to reconnect with old friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Cafe said...

Mark, thanks for visiting! Fitting in writing is a great big "something." What are you working on?

Mark R Hunter said...

Right now I'm polishing my almost-finished space opera novel, "Beowulf: In Harm's Way". While I'm working on selling that my wife will be editing our next self-published book, a romantic comedy called "Coming Attractions".

top quality essay said...

Hey, i hope i read some of the books you hve mentioned this summer, they sound interesting ! Looking forward to more book reviews !