Tuesday, November 25, 2014 | By: The Write Way Cafe

An Attitude of Gratefulness

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to thank everyone who has supported The Write Way Café. 

An attitude of gratefulness is a beautiful and peaceful thing, year-round. It helps us stay present in the moment and enjoy more fully what life offers. The word is two-part, suggesting thankfulness and giving. At Thanksgiving we pause for gratitude, but we also reach out to others in need. Don’t forget this Thanksgiving when you make your list of people in need to pay attention to your individual needs, as well. We tend to leave ourselves off that list, thinking in this rich country we have everything we need, too much, in fact. But it’s not necessarily true. So on Thanksgiving and every day, consider how you are rich, as well as what your heart longs for, whether it’s acceptance or a voice or reading or writing a book that feeds your soul. Discover what you truly need to make your world and the entire world better.

In addition to our personal gratitudes, here at The Write Way Café, we would like to say a special thank you to the authors (listed below) who have taken time to answer our interview questions or to write a post, for taking their time to respond to comments, and for giving away prizes to our readers.  We are also grateful to the readers who have visited our blog, reading our posts and supporting the authors we host.  We hope you will continue to support this circle of life in our writing world.

Angela Adams     
Samantha Anne 
Winter Austin
Angela Kay Austin
Robyn Bachar
Karen Sue Burns
Christi Caldwell
Caroline Clemmons
Margo Bond Collins
Andrea Cooper
Deborah O’Neill Cordes
Lynn Crandall
Kathryn Daugherty
Melinda Dozier
Min Edwards
Tameri Etherton
Elke Feuer
Joyce Flinn
Lynda Kay Frazier
Jennifer Fulford
Rebekah Ganiere
Charmaine Gordon
Jo Grafford
Jami Gray
Joni Hahn
KM Jackson
Paty Jager
Alice Able Kemp
Rena Koontz
Becky Lower
Carol Malone
Susanne Matthews
Elizabeth Meyette
JoAnne Myers
Alexis Morgan
Angela Myron
Taylor Nash
Robyn Neeley
V. S. Nelson
Cait O-Sullivan
Morgan O’Neill
Linda Pennell
Victoria H. Smith
DC Stone
Evelyn Timidaiski
Joni Tadlock
Nancy C. Weeks
RT Wolfe
Samanthya Wyatt
Ashley York


Tayor Nash said...

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you at Write Way Café and thanks for inviting me as a guest in November! Taylor Nash, Romance Author

Angela Adams said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It was an honor to be a guest. It's also a delight to click on my email and always find a "The Write Way Cafe" post waiting for me to read.

HiDee said...

Thank you, ladies! Please keep in touch!

Charmaine Gordon said...

HiDee, its a pleasure to be a part of the WriteWay Cafe. I look forward to my next visit. Happiest Holidays ahead for all of us.