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Tuesday Special: The Light of Day by Loretta Moore

Loretta Moore

by Loretta Moore
     Michael Bradley hasn't been able to find the way to express his deep love for Carlotta Rivera, something he's wanted to tell her for so long.
     From the day 19-year-old Michael Bradley sees a beautiful sad Mexican girl in a Chicago brothel storefront window, he can't get her out of his mind. He returns the next day, but she's not there, and the brothel has shut down. That very same day an unknowable force leads Reverend Robert Peterson to go to that area of town. He's moved when he sees the sad-looking girl in the shabby storefront. He and his wife come to the rescue of Carlotta Rivera.
     Attorney Michael Bradley is in the hospital after a fall on an icy pavement. He can't believe that his attending nurse is that girl he saw ten years before, Carlotta Rivera. What happiness! Michael yearns to express his long-held feelings for Carlotta, but he can't bring himself to do so. Also, he has to deal with his physician half-brother Duc Le and Ben Peterson, son of Reverend Peterson, who are interested in her. How does Michael respond to a Calling to go into the ministry?

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About Loretta:  I’m an African American female multi-published writer, residing in Dover, Delaware. Published works include: THE COLOR OF MURDER under contract with Black Opal Books, BOTTOM TALES AND OTHERS with Leo Publishing, THE LIGHT OF DAY and THE WAY OF LOVE both with Extasy Books. Other published works include poetry and essays, plus several plays published. Many of my ‘Plays’ have been stage productions-I’ve enjoyed a long-time association with the theatre. Ghostwriting is another area in which I work. I’ve also been published in several journals and magazines, and contribute to a church newsletter. I have a college degree in English, I have received literary and theatrical recognition, I belong to an honor society and other laudable organizations, and I volunteer in my community and my church. I frequently speak at venues doing readings of my work. I have LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social contacts as well. My next writing project keeps me busy.

Email me: vlmprod@aol.com
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HiDee said...

Hi Loretta. It sounds like lots of different forces are at work in this story. Interesting! Thank you for being with us today!

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Loretta tells us a lot about people, increases understanding and interaction among individuals and most of all, looks fun too. This seems like a different idea. Great post!

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Loretta is a good african writer. I like his writing style and her stories as they tend be real. Just like the story in this blog its quite emotional and full of feelings.