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Valentine Rejection by Kizzie Waller

The Write Way Café welcomes Kizzie Waller, who celebrates Valentines's Day with a sense of humor and wisdom.

Every teenaged girl has a tale of woe.

It’s hard to be the new girl in school. Add the awkward tweeny-to-teenager stage and you’ve got the makings for a Disney XD series. The plot would go something like this… New girl is super shy and super awkward. She makes one or two friends who instantly tell her that life at middle school is all about finding the right boyfriend. They point out that New Girl should immediately profess her love for a boy of their choosing. New Girl falls for it and on Valentine’s Day gives Cute Boy a card that suggests they be more than friends. 

Then Cute Boy makes a big production of twisting and ripping up the card in front of New Girl and the rest of the class. He then drops it in the trash and decides that New Girl will forever be his mortal enemy.

Okay, maybe this isn’t the greatest coming of age story idea and Disney producers probably won’t be calling me any time soon for a screenplay, but it is a true story. A story I can laugh at now when I’m many years removed. That Cute Boy tore up my Valentine and decided he hated me without even really knowing me. And you know what? That’s okay. It didn’t destroy me or make me swear off trying again. It taught me some perspective. Not every Cute Boy (Cute Girl) who crosses our path is meant to be our happily ever after. Rejection is okay and actually helps us grow. Too much time is spent on how to avoid rejection, which I find is a necessary element in meeting The One. I learned to like Cute Boys because I liked them, not because friends told me to like them. Even with this philosophy, I’ve still had my fair share of rejections that stung. And I’ve handed out some too.

Then I met my husband—see, there is hope for shy, awkward girls—and we’ve been married 19 years. So why am I sharing my sob story from long ago so close to Valentine’s Day? It’s to encourage everyone to hand out that Valentine’s Day Card even in the face of rejection. Your intended could tear it up or they could be the person who walks you down the aisle.

Do you have tweeny stories of rejection? If so, I’d love to commiserate with you on them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. While I was dating my husband, I found a card I’d given him in the trash. Let’s just say that never happened again.

The lines of friendship and loyalty are blurred when two shifters are snowed in on Valentine's Day.

Payne Stepanov needs to prove that not everyone in her family sucks, and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity. An outcast since her brother created havoc with the townsfolk of Foxhollow, Alaska, she is determined to regain integrity in her family's name.

Not easy to achieve when her brother is on the run from the mysterious Council, and a pack of werewolves are blackmailing her, and the man she wants more than anything sees her as nothing more than a friend. But when love is in the air, anything is possible.

Kel Hargrove is in Foxhollow for one reason--find Gregor Stepanov for the Council so he can exchange the escaped werebear for his own misguided brother. Kel knows all too well that family comes first for shifters, and he has no doubt Gregor will eventually seek the help of his sister, Payne.

So what if Payne is innocent, or that she's the closest friend Kel's had in years, or that at night he dreams of pleasing her like no other man could. Kel's loyalty must remain with his brother and the Council. But when his growing attraction for Payne interferes with his mission, can he find a solution where he secures his brother's release and wins the heart of his Valentine?


Author note: This is a romance novella, and while it is a complete story, it is the fourth in a connected series about the Wright,Taylor, and Stepanov families of Alaska. The story may be more enjoyable if read in order:

Bearly Living: Foxhollow Den #1 Grant and Bobbie's story
Bearly Loving: Foxhollow Den #2 Carter and Samantha's story
Bearly Gone: Foxhollow Den #3 Caroline and Smoke's story

About Kizzie:  Kizzie enjoys writing about strong men and the feisty women who bring them to their knees. When she's not writing, you can find her curled up with her cat and a good comic book. Discover more about Kizzie at her Website and on Facebook.


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Very fun post, Kizzie! Thank you for being with us today.

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Thank you for having me! :) ~Kizzie

Mark R Hunter said...

My tweens were defined by rejection ...