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Tuesday Special: Charmaine Gordon with At Your Service

Charmaine Gordon

This is a Romance of another kind; Love stories come in many disguises. This time, for me, it began with a fall.

"Of course," I said, "I'll sleep over, make breakfast for CassidyRae, see that she's dressed, teeth brushed,and gets on the bus." Easy, right? Granny's do that after raising a batch of kids. 

6 a.m. I woke up to the sound of garbage collectors. Dark outside as I peeked out the window to check my watch in light cast from the outside street lamp. And then I turned. "I'm falling", registered in my head. That was the end of life as I knew it for many months. I heard my 8 year old granddaughter scream,"Mommy, mommy, granny's on the floor and she's not moving." Daughter running with her cell phone calling her school- getting a sub, calling 911 for an ambulance, calling my husband. 

And now the love story begins just like the song from South Pacific:"Some enchanted evening, you will meet your true love  across a crowded room."

Picture a rehab hospital: me, a former actor, dancer, now an author of many books, slumped in a wheelchair amidst other folks in pain. Suddenly dogs wearing red jackets appear, they head toward me, their handlers smiling. "Are you Charmaine? Judy Audevard put the word out. Meet Cooper, He's here to give you some love." A Golden Lab laid his head in my lap, then gave me kisses, and leaned in close. 

I straightened up, my hands stretched out to embrace the pooch; the healing began. With daily doses of a multitude of dogs, both small and large, my spirits rose and I grew determined to overcome a fractured pelvic, serious concussion and more. Daughter brought my computer and I was in business. 

At Your Service is the title of my latest release. I wrote and wrote in my little corner of the world in a private room. So many Therapy dogs, trained, oh yes, they take a six month course before they get the diploma. Then the pooch wears a red jacket to show he or she is qualified and the handler, the dog's proud owner, are on their way. They are qualified to go to West Point where they comfort cadets before taking stressful tests, visit returning veterans, attend schools where children with learning difficulties improve when a therapy dog cuddles up to rest his head and so much more. Your heart will warm on a cold night to read these short tails/tales.

Thanks for your support, my friends. We appreciate reviews. All proceeds go to Paws for a Cause.

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About Charmaine: I was an actor for many years on daytime drama, One Life to Live, Another World, All My Children. Movies; my first was Working Girl where I sang Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith and shared a Hot Dog with Harrison Ford during the break. The Road to Wellness with Sir Anthony Hopkins,"call me Tony" he said and invited me to lunch at the special room for the leads and staff. What fun and delicious filet mignon. The sweet time in my life after caring for a large family in the loving days of momhood. Then my voice failed me and I began writing. How I love this career and my publisher, Kimberlee Williams, Vanilla Heart Publishing.

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StellaMarie Alden said...

HOW WONDERFUL! When ever I need an emotional 'pick-me-up' you are my author of choice. This book is so warm and heartening. It's the perfect holiday read!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Stella, thanks for the lovely comment, you writer of delicious romance you. I so appreciate you stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

HiDee said...

I admire your tenacity to never give up, Charmaine. Glad you are finally feeling better. What a wonderful tribute to something that became your lifeline while you were down. Thanks for sharing with us!

Charmaine Gordon said...

HiDee, Thank you, this is my pleasure. I'm dancing with my cane as thoughts of a new book buzz in my mind. The elderly woman dreams as she wakes from surgery; she pictures a girl at an audition. . . Am I having fun? You bet I am!

Diane Bonita said...
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Diane Bonita said...

Meeting you has been the highlight of our therapy dog team visits. Your face brightened at the sudden entrance of our boy Cooper. You delighted in his furry hugs and wet kisses. I remember your smile lighting up the room and your graciousness touched my heart. After meeting you and learning about you via the internet, I have, so far, read three of your books and this lovely, heartwarming novella. Thank you for coming into our lives, thank you for your warmth and friendship, and thank you for writing with your heart. Your enthusiasm, courage, strength, laughter and fun-loving outlook on life are all inspiring to the young and old! Charmaine, you are a beautifully lady, both inside and out, and we are blessed to have met you!

Paul Gordon said...

as a long time cohort, I can comfortably say this book will lift spirits and provide inspiration for any reader... keep going strong, Charmaine!!!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Whoa, Diane, I'm overwhelmed by your comment. Thank you more than I can say. By chance we met and now we are friends. My best to you and your splendid family on this special Thanksgiving Day and always. Charmaine

Charmaine Gordon said...

To my favorite cohort, I appreciate your comment from afar. Until we meet again, be safe, enjoy life and prosper in Denmark.

Deanna Jewel said...

Charmaine, your books touch so many hearts of readers everywhere. I still remember the day you called my cell phone to say hi after chatting together online. Your power with written word brings characters to life and gives readers hope that life can be better as we move into our golden years. I love that some of your books are about older couples finding love again. The same theme touches all of my books. May you find happiness with your family this weekend and know that you are loved by so many authors and readers out here. Love you to pieces! *hugs*

Charmaine Gordon said...

Deanna, from the day you sent me your phone number after you learned that this stranger from afar was about to have hip replacement, I knew we'd become lasting friends. And so it is. Thanks,my dear, for the kind comment. Love to you and your family across the miles. Charmaine

Charmaine Gordon said...

HiDee, a big heartfelt thanks for inviting me to be your guest. You are the best hostess ever. Hugs from a fan with love.