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Tuesday Special: Barnes & Noble Spotlight Feature with R.T. Wolfe


This Barnes and Noble Spotlight features book one, Black Creek Burning, in a connected 8 books series. 

Barnes and Noble Spotlight

Barnes and Noble

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NEW RELEASE: Savage Betrayal is now available in print or ebook. It is exclusive to Barnes and Noble for 3 months, and then will be released everywhere else.  

The child trafficking crime ring Detective Nickie Savage is chasing--the one responsible for her own childhood abduction--is growing. The traffickers have infiltrated the police department, the FBI and even her home, steeling Nickie's resolve to find the abducted girls and take down the crime ring once and for all. But discovering the King Pin's identity, the very person who sold her into slavery, just might bring Detective Nickie Savage to her knees.

Barnes and Noble - Savage Betrayal

Watch for the final book in the series to be released in February 2017!

R.T. Wolfe enjoys creating diverse characters and twining them together in the midst of an intelligent mystery and a heart encompassing romance. It's not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.'s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in their terrariums on her counters. R.T. loves her family, gardening, eagle-watching and can occasionally be found viewing a flyover of migrating whooping cranes.


HiDee said...

Congratulations on your B&N Spotlight! I look forward to reading the latest release. Thanks for being with us today!

RT Wolfe said...

Thank you, HiDee. It is positively lovely to be back on The Write Way Cafe! :)