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Tuesday Special: Ghost in the Blue Dress with R.A. Slone

R. A. Slone

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Moores is struggling with her father’s recent death. Not long after his passing, a ghost from her childhood returns. When she was young, Jenna’s father convinced her that the ghost was just her imagination and that he would always protect her. But now he’s gone, the ghost is back, and Jenna knows she’s not imagining it. As the entity grows stronger, its threats move from alienating Jenna from her friends and family–to killing her. Alone and afraid, she must find and destroy the link that holds the spirit to this world…before Jenna, too, becomes a ghost.

About R.A.:
     I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I’ve always loved to write. I remember taking pieces of paper, cutting them into squares, and stapling them together to form a small book when I was a kid. The Witch and the Kitty is one book that I remember creating. I didn’t really have a plot, though. I just wrote about a witch that lived in the basement of my home.
     For Christmas one year, my parents bought me a Smith Corona typewriter, and I would stay up at night typing away about horses galloping into the sunset. Again, I didn’t really have a story line.
     Later, after I grew up and had some life experience, I tried my hand at writing again. This time I started with short stories. One of my short stories was called Picture Girl. It was about a picture of me when I was four years old that was possessed by a ghost. This originated from a nightmare I had when I was in middle school. (It must’ve been scary since I could remember it all these years later.) After a dear friend of mine read the short story, she pushed me to turn it into a book. So, I wrote a middle and an ending and finished my first novel Ghost in the Blue Dress.

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Ghost in the Blue Dress is available at: 
Black Opal Books
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HiDee said...

Great cover, R.A. Thanks for being with us today!

Judith said...

Glad I found you here! I went to your blog and the blue dress on your book cover looks pretty much like the one you wear in your childhood picture. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I could not put this book down, it kept you on your toes....I highly recomend this book! The author has a great imagination. Great find! Andi

R.A. Slone said...

Thanks HiDee! I'm glad to be here :)

R.A. Slone said...

Hi Judith, When I wrote the story, I described the dress just like the one that was in my picture as a kid. So it was a bit of a challenge to find the perfect picture for the cover. Jack at Black Opal Books worked his magic and came up with this. Thanks for the comment :)

R.A. Slone said...

Andi, I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for your comment :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the book. I love the cover, how clever!
I hope your writing another one. Myself I am into true life with pictures, I love history and like to read about someone's real life story with surprised endings! Your very talented RA Slone. Keep on writing and keep us on our toes! Try a dirty romance I love those too!! ��

Liz Flaherty said...

Pretty cover! I had a Royal typewriter! :-)

R. A. Slone said...

Thank you, Anonymous (even though I'm pretty sure I know who you are!). I'm glad you liked the book and am looking for more from me. I really appreciate that. I am working on something new. The main character is a WWII veteran so you might like it. It's a romance but definitely not dirty. Hope you give it a try!! Thanks for the comment!

R. A. Slone said...

Liz, I'm glad you like the cover. Using a typewriter as a kid will always be a great memory. The new generation will be "typewriter?" I've never seen one of those!