Thursday, June 23, 2016 | By: The Write Way Cafe

June 30th Release: The Thorn of a Rose

The Write Way Café welcomes Augustina Van Hoven. She sharies an excerpt from the second book in the Rose series, The Thorn of a Rose.

We are all chess pieces on a board … in a game played by supernatural forces.

John Leeds sat on the crooked edge of his stone, blinking in the light. He rubbed a dirty hand over his face and stared at the unfamiliar surroundings. Large oak and pine trees shaded the ground. A clump of overgrown thorn bushes stood on his right. The wind came in gusts, and it whipped his long sandy-colored hair around his ears and neck. Something had happened, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. The last thing he remembered before he died was leaving Porter’s Saloon with a bottle of whiskey and walking home. He stretched his arms and legs. Every joint and muscle felt stiff. A quick inventory showed his clothes hung in tatters. To stretch his muscles, John took a few tentative steps but found his movements limited to the confines of his burial plot. He turned in time to see a woman in strange clothes disappearing through the trees. What was going on?

The Thorn of a Rose – Release date June 30th

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Newly elected state senator Ashley Halliday is over her failed engagement and ready to help make Idaho a better place to live and work. She has no time for romance … until she and Richard, a handsome state representative, take their friendship to a new level. But then there's John, an aide to the governor of Idaho. Both hold power … but only one is a good man. The other is on a mission to destroy lives. Will she learn the truth in time to save lives and keep her friends safe from dark influences?

Sports bar owner and state representative Richard Fowler is happy for his best friend Stephen and his bride, Rose. He knows their secret--Rose came back from the dead to save Stephen from his lofty ambitions. Richard himself has no time for any supernatural goings-on or for romance, not with his work to save state education funding. Until he sees the vibrant Senator Halliday through new eyes, that is. But to win Ashley, he must keep her safe from a rival who wants her for darker reasons.


A villain has returned from the dead, summoned by a demon, and given another chance to do what he failed at the first time. He'll gladly take down anyone else who gets in his way. And his new post in the halls of state government? A devilish chance to play corrupt lobbyist, and foil the plans of those with loftier goals.

Augustina Van Hoven was born in The Netherlands and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two dogs and three cats.   She is an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy.  When she’s not writing she likes to work in her garden or in the winter months crochet and knit on her knitting machines.

Twitter: @augustinavhoven