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Tuesday Special: Evelyn M. Timidaiski

Evelyn M. Timidaiski 

Return to Snowflake

At sixteen, CORBIN DESCHEENE brushes the red reservation dust from his boots and ventures out into world of the white man. He wears the chip on his shoulder like a badge of honor and with each fight; he perfects his bad-ass attitude. He returns to the rez after fifteen years to seeking his Navajo heritage. He discovers much more¬—a son he knows nothing about, and the woman he left behind.

SARA NEZ is proud of her dual heritage. Sara's Navajo father and Apache mother are a true life models for the type of relationship she craves. She remembers the pain Corbin suffered at the hands of his father. She also remembers the anguish of her broken heart when he told her to look elsewhere for the saint she wants as her life mate.
Sara's heart betrays her, when her passion for the man who left resurfaces. Her feelings for him have changed, but can Corbin learn to love her in return or is he only interested in their son?

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     Moments later, she found herself alone with Corbin. Nervous, she said nothing and followed him past the waiting room and out into the fresh air. Would he launch into her as soon as the doors closed? She had seen the questions on his face. How had he managed to refrain from asking all morning? The old Corbin wouldn't have waited.
     They sat on a bench under the only tree around, and still he said nothing. She swallowed and prepared for a fight. Any moment, he'd lambast her for keeping knowledge of his son from him.
     "You've done a fine job raising him, Sara."
     His softly spoken words broke into her anxious thoughts. She hadn't seen that one coming. She waited, but he said nothing else. Dammit, she'd prepared for a showdown. The words began to eat at her. She'd bottled them up so long, they burst free.
     "You've been gone for fifteen years and returned to find a son you've never seen, and that's all you have to say? You left me to face my pregnancy alone -- raise him by myself..."
     "I didn't know, Sara. I'm trying to stay calm, but I ... why the hell didn't you tell me?" His voice rose, giving a clue to his banked anger. "I missed all of my son's life and you ... why, Sara?"
     She jumped up, anger surging through every pore. Angry at herself for feeling the way she did. Angry at Corbin for leaving, and now coming back.
     "You left me. You told me to find someone else. I had no way of contacting you. Corbin, what did you expect from me? I did what I had to do. I kept our baby and loved him. I put up with the knowing looks and snide remarks. I worked all the part time jobs so I could be with him -- and I went to bed alone each night because you weren't coming back." She paced the sidewalk, swallowing hard to keep back tears.
     "Why didn't you contact me?"
     "And which bar in what town and in what state was I supposed to contact you? You didn't leave a forwarding address. You forgot to say goodbye, and you sure as hell never called to check up on me!"
     She turned to walk back into the clinic. Strong arms grabbed her from behind. Before she could stop him, he pulled her around and up against his hard lean body. Anger coiled in his body, passion flared in his eyes, and his mouth crushed hers in a punishing kiss. She pushed against him with arms that betrayed her, tightened against the hard muscles of his chest and then crept up to clench in his long hair. The kiss deepened. The heat of anger shifted to something deeper, more primal.
     "Ms. Nez."
     No, not now. So many nights -- dreaming of this. Why couldn't this last forever? She withdrew her arms from Corbin's neck, let them slide gently down his chest, and then turned around.
     The young receptionist stood on the steps gaping. Clearing her voice, she said, "Your son is ready."
     Corbin stood frozen, unable to move. His world had just been rocked. Who would have thought that little Sara would have grown up to be such a hellacious kisser? She'd also developed a few more curves since he'd held her last. Of course, the last time he'd held her with the arms of a sixteen year old. Now, they were both adults and in for quite a few surprises. That is -- if Sara let him kiss her again. He shook his head to clear it and went in after her.

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Evelyn M. Timidaiski is a widow with two grown children and one grandchild. She lives in Lexington, S.C. with her two pups, Fancy and Bitsey and began writing in 2010.  She has just signed with Cherry Weiner Literary Agency and is published with Desert Breeze Publishing. She won 1st in The Golden Palm and 2nd in The Golden Gateway with her Navy Seal Series. She won 3rd in The Winter Rose with her Native American Paranormal Book, Tiponi.  Ms. Timidaiski writes in several genres including Romantic Suspense/Intrigue, Paranormal, and Contemporary. Currently she is mid-way through a new Mystery.
     Evelyn's first book, Holly and Snowflake Christmas, is published with Desert Breeze Publishing. It is available in both Kindle and Paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and anywhere paperbacks and electronic books are sold.


HiDee said...

Hi Evelyn, I enjoyed the excerpt and look forward to reading more. Congratulations, and thanks for being with us!

K. Larsen said...

Hey Ev! The first book was wonderful, just a great mix of romance and suspense. Looking forward to reading this one!! Congratulations and hopefully there will be many more!

Wendi Sotis said...

I have a copy, so please don't enter me into the giveaway. Loved this story! Can't wait for the next :-)