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An Interview with Catherine Chant

The Write Way Café welcomes author Catherine Chant, here to tell us about her new Soul Mate series!
Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to be here at The Write Way Cafe to tell you a little bit about next book my young adult time travel series, Nothing Stays the Same, and to share the cover with you.

In Wishing You Were Here (Book 1 in the Soul Mates series), we briefly met Callie's younger sister Leah. Now it's Leah's turn for a little time-traveling adventure. Callie went back to the rockin' 50s, but Leah is headed for the groovy 70s. What could be more fun? So, grab your hip-hugger bell-bottoms and those ugly Earth shoes, and let's go!

What Inspired You to Write this Book?
When I wrote the first book, I already had in mind that the series would be music-related. Book 1 took place in 1957 and dealt with early rock 'n' roll. For Book 2 I decided to go forward in time a little bit. The '70s, musically speaking, were a period of great changes and I saw a lot of story potential there. You still had the protest songs from the '60s, then you had glam rock and a second British invasion. You also had a huge rise in kid-centered television shows with musical tie-ins.
One of the biggest inspirations for Nothing Stays the Same was The Monkees, a show I loved as a kid, and The Partridge Family, another classic from the early '70s era. I'm also a huge fan of David Bowie, whose iconic Ziggy Stardust album hit the airwaves in 1972. So I took a little bit of all that, brought in lots of my own memories of growing up in the 1970s (and reading about my favorite teen idols in Tiger Beat magazine) and invented my own musical TV show, my own "manufactured" pop band, and dropped a teenage couple from the 21st century into the mix to shake things up a bit.
Tell Us A Little Bit About the Main Character
Leah Reinard is the younger sister of the heroine from Book 1. When you first meet Leah in Book 1 she's 15 and very annoying. Basically, a brat. Her sister is a fanatic about music, but Leah couldn't care less. She mocks her sister constantly. So when Leah finds herself back in time a year later and drafted into a role on a musical sit-com where's she's expected to sing and dance, this girl is definitely out of her element.
Leah's interests lie squarely on the sports field and in a certain hunky soccer player from a neighboring school. But she hasn't garnered the courage to make a move on him yet, because Leah's not much of a risk taker. She's grown up with a natural athletic ability that's allowed her to skate through life without taking chances. If she wants to win the attention of Brennan Basford, she has to up her game, and learn to show a softer side, a vulnerable side. Leah's tough and she's strong, and she doesn't believe in going home in second place, but in the game of love, she's got a lot to learn.

From the Back Cover
Nothing Stays the Same (Soul Mates Book 2) (Coming in 2015)
Time Changes Everything...
In 1973, The Beat Detectors are the hottest TV pop band to hit the airwaves since The Monkees, thanks to the appealing vocals of rising teen idol Ronnie Basford. But behind the scenes, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. Ronnie realizes much too late that one bad decision can ruin your whole life.
Forty years later, Ronnie is dead from an apparent suicide and his sixteen-year-old son Brennan wants answers. All his life Brennan's never seen his father happy and needs to understand how it all went so wrong. When he finds himself dropped back in time, to the set of his father's TV show, he's determined to redirect the course of his father's life and create the happy ending Ronnie deserved.
Soccer star Leah Reinard has been crushing on Brennan Basford for ages. When they end up at the same summer job, she thinks the fates have finally aligned in her favor. That is, until Brennan suddenly disappears from existence. One day he's there, the next day, he's gone. And no one but Leah even remembers him. Soon after, it's clear that whatever took Brennan is causing numerous other changes to Leah's world. Bad changes. Changes that Brennan can't possibly foresee.
Can Leah find Brennan in time to stop him from ruining both their futures?

The Last Word
Thank you so much for having me. And, oh yes, I love to hear from readers!!!!
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About Catherine:  Catherine Chant is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a Golden Heart® finalist. She writes rock ‘n’ roll romantic fiction and stories with paranormal twists for young adults. She is currently working on a new young adult suspense novel, and the next book in her Soul Mates series.


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