Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | By: HiDee

Creative Women

Women are the creative ones in my family.

One aunt is a published poet. Another aunt designs family calendars which she shares with all of us each year. My mom designs and makes her own Christmas cards. My sister draws and paints, and she sews unique Halloween costumes for her young son every year.

I’m a writer, a fledgling photographer and a scrapbooker. I love taking pictures, and I definitely prefer being behind the camera rather than in front of it.  Once I print the pictures, I can spend hours laying out designs until I get them just right for my scrapbook pages.

From the time we were little, my mom encouraged us to read.  By the time we started school, my brother, sister, and I were competitive readers.  We often read more books than our classmates.   By the time I was in junior high, reading ignited a desire to write my own stories and poems.  As a teenager, some of my poems were published in poetry anthologies. Between romance novels and my crushes, romance was definitely on my mind!

I wrote this poem in high school, and it remains one of my favorites.

Moments of a Kiss
Vividly remembering
the moments of a kiss,
wondering at the
the control
that went amiss.
Aroused emotions
played a part...

Slowly descending
your lips met mine -
tentative at first,
gentle yet firm;
growing bolder -
exploring, plundering,
giving and taking -
consuming us both...

Then my heartbeats
the silence,
just as the memory
my peace of mind.

Unpublished work © 1981 HiDee (Silverwood) Ekstrom

What creative outlets are your favorites?


JoAnne Myers said...

I began enjoying art as a child, but my mother thought that a waste of time and money. I wished I had persuade a degree in either painting or journalism, but marraige and raising a family was to much on my mind. To be an actress still flows through my mind. To put life into an idle character, to me sounds fascinating. That would be my missed opportunity.