Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | By: HiDee

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Do you live your life as you breathe?

A scholarship donor posed that question at a banquet I attended recently.  She pointed out that there are two parts to breathing: 1) Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can.  Inhaling takes in oxygen that is vital for our bodies.  2) Now let it out.  Exhaling releases carbon dioxide so it doesn't build up and become toxic to us.  You must do both to survive.  

As a borderline asthmatic, I don't take breathing for granted.  Paint, perfumes, smoke, and cats are among the things that can trigger an attack, so I try to avoid those things whenever possible.  It's not fun going through the motions of taking deep breaths when you can only manage to take in a little air.  I know I'm not alone, but most people breathe without thinking about it.  I know I do when I'm not having problems.  

But do you live your life without thinking about it?

Hopefully not. 

Breathe in.  Living is exploring, learning, and experiencing. Take in as much as you can, and be open to new experiences.

Breathe out.  Give back.  Share what you've learned with others.

I try to breathe deeply of the writing life. 

Networking is important.  I belong to several writing groups and subscribe to too many writing loops, but I get something from all of them so I'm reluctant to give them up.  I participate in my writing groups by serving as an officer and volunteering as contest coordinator.  I edit a newsletter and co-host The Write Way Café blog.  I support fellow authors by visiting their websites and blogs, and follow them on Facebook and Goodreads.  And of course, I buy their books!

Life is a full-circle experience.  Some say you get out of it what you put into it.  So breathe in:  What are you learning?  What are you doing with your life?  What do you strive for?  What are your goals?  What have you accomplished and what are you working on?  

Now breathe out:  What are you giving back?  Are you sharing what you've learned and trying to help others learn? Are you setting an example for others to strive to reach their goals?  Are you sharing your accomplishments and encouraging others to share theirs?  What can you give that others have given you? 

Breathe in, breathe out.  Take in all you can, and then give back so others can follow in your footsteps.

Tell me what you think:  Do you live your life as you breathe?



Misty Dietz said...

You know, I've never thought about the give and take of life in terms of breathing. I love that analogy - it's very powerful.

I try to give back. Some days my husband accuses me of giving more than I get, but I think that's common among women. We are naturally about community. And I guess I feel like when I give, I usually end up getting just as much if not more than I give. Great post, HiDee. Thanks for making me think. :)

HiDee said...

My husband says the same thing, but I agree with you. Giving reaps rewards in many ways. Glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for stopping by!