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An Interview with Elizabeth Meyette

The Write Way Café would like to welcome Crimson Romance author Elizabeth Meyette.

When did you first have the thought you'd like to write a book? Was that first thought related to writing romance?
I actually wrote Love’s Destiny on a dare many years ago.  A friend who loved the romance genre gave me a few Kathleen Woodiwiss books to read. I kept resisting and finally gave in and read The Flame and the Flower. I was hooked, but I didn’t want her to “win” that easily, so when I returned the book, I said, “It was good, but I could write a romance novel.” She responded, “Then do it!” So I did. It wasn’t until I retired from teaching English that I had time to polish it and prepare it for submission.

What was your path to getting this book written and published? What type of research did you do?
I had submitted query letters to several agents, but with no luck. I decided to self-publish using CreateSpace, and while I was wrangling with Headers and Footers, I saw a call for manuscripts from Crimson Romance. I submitted my query and a chapter, and they asked for the complete manuscript. Soon after, they sent me a contract and Love’s Destiny was published as an ebook June 4, 2012 and as a paperback August 20, 2012.

Most of my research was pre-Google and took forever. For example, I read an entire book on ships so I could accurately describe Jonathon’s ship, the Destiny. Historicals require a lot of research, but I love it. I spent many nights at the library with questions like, “How long did it take to sail from London to Yorktown in the 1700s?” or “What kind of flowers grew in Virginia in May?” Now with the Internet, research is much easier, though I have to be careful to verify information by checking a few sources.

Where did the idea for your story come from?
I think books often start with “I wonder…” and I wondered what would happen if people with totally different philosophies fell in love, so Emily, who was English, fell in love with Jonathon, a patriot. I had visited the Jamestown and Williamsburg area and fell in love with the rich history there. Soon after that visit, I started my novel, and I knew that area was where I would set my book.

Are your main characters completely imaginary or do they have some basis in real people? Do they reflect aspects of yourself?
My characters are entirely fictional. They show up, and I write their stories. Some friends who have read Love’s Destiny say they see a lot of me in Emily, which I find a great compliment because she is strong and honors her own truth.

Did you face any blocks while writing the book, and if so, how did you handle them? If not, what's your secret?
I certainly have days where my Muse is on vacation or asleep. What works for me on those days is to just go with the flow. Work on marketing, editing, or housework. Notice what came last in the list.

What have been surprises you've encountered while writing the book and after?
One surprise was the reality of my Muse. There are days when I simply sit at the keyboard and record what I am “seeing” and “hearing” from my characters. When I finish a scene, I read it aloud, and sometimes it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time and I think, “Hey, that’s good!” Another surprise since the book has been published is who some of my readers are, especially men: my husband, my brother, my brother-in-law, my friend’s fiancé. I think that’s pretty great!

What did you learn? For instance, what did you learn about yourself, your process, the writing world, London and patriot activities?
Well, I’ve learned many things. I’m still learning, what my rhythm is. As a former teacher, I am used to a very regimented schedule, for example using the restroom only at 55 minutes past the hour. (I am not exaggerating!) So I am still trying out various options such as working out in the morning then writing or writing in the morning and then working out. I’ve learned what an author’s platform is and how important social media can be as a marketing tool. Of course, that has shifted the burden of marketing more to the author than in previous days. I love history, and the American Revolution is my favorite era, so learning about the struggle the Founding Fathers went through or how hard it was when families were torn apart by Tory vs. patriot loyalties was fascinating. I came across information about a spy system that I am going to incorporate in a later book in the series. Also learning about everyday life in that time, for example, what herbal remedies they used, or how they adjusted stays to accommodate pregnancy or authentic recipes from that time and place is very cool.

Tell us about your writing space and how or why it works for you.
When I retired from teaching, I decided to use the principals of Feng Shui to set up our den for my office, and I love how it turned out. Although it is a small room, I love having a dedicated space where everything is at my fingertips. I have intentionally decorated it in soothing colors that encourage creativity, and with art pieces by local artists. The hardest part is keeping it uncluttered which is a first step in Feng Shui.

What are you working on now?
I am working on the edits for my manuscript of Love’s Spirit, the sequel to Love’s Destiny which Crimson Romance has slated to publish on April 22 as an ebook. I have two more books planned in the Love’s Destiny series. I am also working on a mystery set in the Fingers Lakes region of New York State. Mystery is one of my favorite genres, but it requires me to become a plotter rather than a pantser.

If you were not a writer, what would your dream job be?
My dream job would be traveling to exotic places to sample the food, drink and swimming. I would get paid for that, right, since it’s a job?

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Deborah O'Neill Cordes said...

I've read Love's Destiny, and it is a wonderful novel. Kudos to Betty Meyette for writing about the time periods prior to and during the American Revolution, one of the most interesting times in our nation's history. I can't wait to read Love's Spirit!

Elizabeth Meyette said...

Thanks, Deborah! One thing I love about writing historicals is the research, and the American Revolution is my favorite time period. I love a man in a tricorn hat!

Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Deborah!

Angela Adams said...

I'm always happy to meet a fellow Crimson author. Best wishes with your release.

RT Wolfe said...

Lovely post, Elizabeth. You have some of my favorite covers. Best wishes to you.
-R.T. Wolfe

HiDee said...

Thanks for being our guest today, Elizabeth! We wish you the best of luck with your books. Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Elizabeth Meyette said...

Thank you, Angela!

Elizabeth Meyette said...

Thanks so much, RT!

Elizabeth Meyette said...

What fun, HiDee and Lynn! Thanks for inviting me today!

Jaxson Corey said...

Wow…this post tingled my toes. I’m so full of admiration and respect for firefighters in general and now you in particular Stewart. Thank you for sharing.
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