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Announcing Tuesday Specials!

This year, we wanted to do something to give back to all the authors who have generously given of their time by being interviewed and writing guest posts for The Write Way Cafe. Today, we kick off with a preview of what you can expect from our new Tuesday Specials. Starting January 13, every other Tuesday we'll offer a new special, putting the spotlight back on authors.

Rena Koontz

The Devil She Knew
     "You have to trust somebody, Cassidy. It might as well be me," he said. But she didn't know him. And something her mother taught her once always stayed with her: "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."
     When reputed mobster Tony DelMorrie feuds with his girlfriend and wins the fight by killing her, Cassidy Hoake is the only witness. She quickly becomes a target when DelMorrie skips bail—running is Cassidy’s only option. Now, she’s hiding from the devil, living in a small Ohio town, aware that only her anonymity protects her. She can’t afford complications like Clay Cestra. His police uniform fits like a second skin and he looks even better with his clothes off.
     But he is the law and she is a fugitive. A life with him means risking everything, confronting her demons and defeating the devil.        

The Devil She Knew will be discounted to $0.99 between January 8 - January 16 at these E-retailers: Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Apple iBooks; Crimson Romance and Google Play.

     Black rivulets swirled in the white porcelain sink, gurgling in the drain as it swallowed her old identity.
Her head under the faucet, Cassidy Hoake watched the waves of dark liquid fade while she continued to massage her scalp under the warm water. The box said to rinse until the water ran clear. Just a few more minutes.
     She grabbed a towel, draped her head, and stood, rubbing vigorously with her eyes closed. Ready or not, she looked at her reflection in the mirror behind the sink.
     The new look surprised even her. Gone was the thick, auburn mane her mother had often bragged about. She’d replaced the shoulder-length locks she’d worn since high school with a lustrous black, short haircut that she planned to spike up and out and fringe to frame her face. She stared wide-eyed at herself,
then walked barefoot into the bedroom and retrieved a pair of burgundy-framed eyeglasses from the bureau. Thank goodness she’d discovered that year-round costume store. Buying items for a disguise was easy.
Standing in front of the mirror again, she took a deep breath and carefully edged the eyeglasses up her nose. Her eyebrows raised in surprise at the result. She barely recognized herself.
     Surely, he wouldn’t.

About Rena:
     After a successful journalism career, Rena Koontz now focuses her award-winning writing skills on her love of romantic suspense. "The Devil She Knew" is one of three of her novels. A fourth book releases this summer.
     Rena recently relocated to Florida where she doesn't have to shovel sunshine and the only salt she encounters rims her glass. She lives on the Gulf Coast with her husband, her dog, and her intriguing cast of characters who, in her mind, are real people—even the dog.


Rena Koontz said...

Thank you, Lynn and HiDee, for allowing me to kick off you blog in the New Year. I hope for lots of visitors to your site

Cafe said...

You're welcome! Best of luck to you!